Epoxy resin, what is it? www.rancute.com briefly explains what epoxy resin is used for and how it is used. www.rancute.com has considerable experience with epoxy resin. You will see many examples by visiting the online store www.rancute.com.

Epoxy - it's one type of plastic. It's a very interesting and modern material for creative people nowadays. There are various types of epoxy resins available on the market today. For crafts, more expensive epoxy resin is usually used. It differs from others in that it is completely harmless and does not contain BPA, making it possible to use it for making food containers or placing food products on such plastic. Working with EPOXY resin isn't as simple. Some people buy resin but never get around to trying to pour anything. Epoxy resin usually consists of two components, and it's important to know the ratio before mixing. Normal room temperature is necessary, and workpieces should be protected from dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Before the work sets, it's necessary to protect it from forming air bubbles. Epoxy resin is usually transparent and translucent, but various pigments are used to achieve the desired color. After obtaining an epoxy resin workpiece of the desired size and color, it needs to be sanded, polished, etc.


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